The other day, we were hanging out at the “big play area” at the mall. We call it the “big” play area to differentiate it from the “little” play area that is part of the gym that I use that is in the same area of the mall. The boys were playing in various areas of the play area and I was sitting with Miss Piggy on my lap on one of the side benches.

Suddenly, Mr Puppy comes up to me and tells me “Push” and demonstrates with a pushing motion with his hand. Our conversation goes as follows:

“Did someone push you?”

“Yes. Push.”

“Who pushed you?”

“Baby.” There is some pointing to show which baby pushed him.

“A baby pushed you? Was it an accident?”

“Yes. Baby. Push.”

“Where did he push you?”

“Butt.” Grabbing of the buttocks in case I was confused.

“The baby pushed you in the butt?”

“Yes. Butt. Push.”

“Are you okay? Does your butt hurt?”

Some thoughtful consideration. “No. MAGICAL.”

“Magical? The baby pushed you in the butt? And it made your butt feel magical?”

“Yes. Magical.” And then he runs off.

Hmmm. I don’t know how to comment on that.

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