Vomit and other fun

So, Baby Miss Piggy started taking actual independent steps this past week after we returned from our trip to see Mr Puffles’s parents in Georgia and North Carolina. I suspected that Miss Piggy was hesitant to take those steps with the coffee table pushed to the far side of the room. So, I moved it back close to the couches. Lickety split. It took like a day for her to take a couple steps alone to move between the table and me. Then, she was doing it all the time – but Mr Puffles kept missing it. Finally, a couple of days ago, Puffles finally saw her take a few steps between the couch and the table. Miss Piggy’s a rock star!

Well, you guys have been sick all week. It started last Thursday when Miss Piggy woke up from her late morning nap with vomit all over her. We thought it might just be a upset stomach, but then Mr Puffles got sick on Sunday and all day Monday. I got the stomach bug on Monday, and the Puppy started with the diarhea. It seemed it hit everyone but the Monkey. So, we still went to pre-school on Wednesday, because it seemed that things had cleared up and the Puppy’s fever was gone. But last night, I woke up to find two little stinky guys standing next to the bed.

The Monkey said, “Mommy. I vomited.” (What barely 4-year old uses this term?)

The Puppy said, “I peed in the bed.”

Apparently, the Puppy really hadn’t peed at all but rather the Monkey had vomited all over him and his little shaved head and confused him since he was all covered in something wet. So, everyone went into the shower while I stripped the bed. Unfortunately, the Monkey’s bed was unusable because he had peed in HIS bed the night before. But, I did have time to wash all his bed linens that day. So, I suggested the boys sleep with Mr Puffles. But he was horrified and said, “I don’t want to get barfed on!” So, we put the boys in the guest bed and the baby came into bed with us.

Of course, Miss Piggy did NOT want to go to sleep. Finally, she went to sleep and I woke up to the sound of the Puppy puking in the guest room (we’d turned on the monitor). So, we were up again and this time the Puppy had vomited in the bed – mostly in the middle and not on Monkey (lucky him). So, we stripped that bed and we were out of clean mattress pads. So, I made a bed for them on the floor. Thank goodness. There was no more barfing for the rest of the night. But by then, it was 5am and Puffles just stayed up and washed the barfy linens before getting ready for work. So sad for Dad.

So, I had to cancel my work day today and cancel watching a friend’s baby. We just washed a lot of sheets and blankets and the boys ate toast. There was a lot of diarrhea, but luckily, no barfing. Or vomiting as my Monkey might say.

I also noticed today that the baby LOVES to take Wuffy’s toys from her. I was sitting at my desk yesterday, Mr Monkey came running in and said, “Mommy. I have something to show you!” So, I get up after a couple more of urgent chants from Mr Monkey. He runs over to the kennel and says, “Look!”

There is Miss Piggy in the kennel with Wuffy! And looking very happy with herself. So, today, I noticed that every time, Miss Piggy went to the doorway of the kennel, Wuffy would watch carefully and then quickly run over and get in the kennel first and lay down. We also noticed that the baby was very intent about taking toys out of Wuffy’s mouth and pulling on them. Wuffy just plays and tolerates it. Two easy babies.

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