Running Low on the Brain Juice

I’ve been trying to read a lot lately. Just to keep my brain juice flowing. One day a few months ago, I had forgotten to do something for the Monkey after he had repeatedly requested it (Um. Like wipe his hinney after a poo).

Monkey said: Mommy, you aren’t very smart.

Me: Actually, I’m VERY smart. But I gave you and your brother and sister all my brain juice while I was growing you in my tummy.

Monkey: Really?

Me: That’s why YOU’RE so smart. Because I gave you all of my very SMART brain juice. So, do you think Mommy should have another baby?

Monkey: Hmmm. No. I think you should take a break to get some of your brain juice back.

So, I’m taking a baby break and trying to get some of my brain juice back. I’ve been trying to read more, but I had been reading a rash of fluffy mommy-lit type books (Books with titles like Mrs. Perfect, Odd Mom Out, The Friday-Night Knitting Club, etc.).

Books to have passed through my nightstand recently include: How to Talk To a Widower, The Other Boleyn Girl, Louder Than Words: A mother’s journey in Healing to Autism, Swarm.

I’ll let you know if I recover any of my brain juice.


  1. What’s up with the Monkey putting you down all the time? That’s not cool at all.

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  3. He is just brutally honest like Mr Puffles. He said that if I worked really hard at climbing cliffs, I’d be cool like the Girl Game. I asked him if I was cute, and he said, Well, you try really hard with all your makeup. You look kind of cute. Brutal.

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