Bank hours are 10am – 4pm.

I am beginning to think that Bank of Ireland is ignoring me. I have requested that it add my savings account to my online profile twice now. When I click on the “sent items” tab in order to see my previous requests, it logs me off the website siting “For security reasons the use of the back, forward and refresh buttons of the browser are not recommended and may result in your session being timed out. Your session may also be terminated if you perform another action while the page is still loading. Your session has been terminated and you have been logged out.”

So suspicious. I already had to go through all this when adding the accounts to my husband’s profile. Bank of Ireland actually sent him a letter saying that they could not add the accounts because the addresses didn’t match exactly and that we would have to contact the original person who added the accounts to rectify that. What? I don’t even understand that can be happening because we still live in the same place with a relatively simple address. Now this. Argh.

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