Thanks for visiting my little online world. This is my online journal to document my life and thoughts as I meander my way through life with my husband, J, and our four kids. I grew up in Michigan, but then spent some time in Florida and then South Carolina where I met my husband. We then moved to Seattle, Washington and stayed about 10 years before moving to Ireland in 2013. We are having a grand adventure, as they say here in Ireland, where we are finding life a little less frenzied and easier for the kids to be independent in comparison to our lives in suburbia in the Puget Sound.

Although my life isn’t what I had imagined it would be when I was 18 and ready to jump into adulthood, it certainly has turned into an adventure and has unfolded in many unexpected ways that actually seem to wander closer to how I may have imagined my life when I was a few years younger (maybe 12 or 13) when I was reading novels every day, dreaming about living overseas spending my days drinking tea while illustrating children’s books and surrounded by children with English accents.

Though the accents are turning Irish, we are certainly enjoying our time here and hope you enjoy yours as you read along as we take our fantastic journey with all its bumps and detours.