Monthly Archives: February 2016

Lunch with my brother at Ukiyo Bar


During the second week of my brother’s first visit to Dublin, he stayed in the city centre with his girlfriend and we would meet up during the day or evening depending on their plans. On the Thursday of the...

Mid-term break

Leftovers turned into sushi rolls.

I am sitting in my kitchen, a luke-warm cup of peppermint tea perched shockingly close to my laptop, staring at my eight year old daughter. She is telling me that she feels barfy, looking pitiful and waif-like, wearing a...

Afternoon Art Tea at the Merrion Hotel


For the past year, I have been hoping to get a chance to go to the Shelbourne Hotel for Afternoon Tea after my first experience with afternoon tea last year at the Westin Hotel. When my mother-in-law visited over...