Monthly Archives: June 2013

Our new place!

house hunting, dublin, ireland, renting

I’m so excited! We have finally found a place to call home – after being essentially homeless for months in Seattle after we rented our house but were still waiting for Mr Puffles’ paperwork to come through! It is a...

A Saturday at Marlay Park


Our first and second weekends in Dublin, I took the advice of Expat with Kids in Dublin and made plans for our family to explore Marlay Park, located in Rathfarnham, Dublin 16. We had scheduled viewings to look at a...

Irish Life. Sorted. Ha! Not.


As you all know, our family has embarked on the chance of a lifetime – to live and work overseas. Due to a wonderful job opportunity for my husband, Mr. Puffles, we moved our family of 6 from Seattle,...