Brunch at Whitefriar Grill

A couple of weeks ago, I went out for brunch with some American friends at a place called Whitefriar Grill. It is so popular for brunch on the weekends that you would find it impossible to get a table there on Saturday or Sunday or a bank holiday if you hadn’t prebooked. A friend of mine organized the brunch since a lot of us moms find it much easier to get away for brunch since our spouses will be home on the weekends versus for dinner or drinks during the week. Besides, some of us can’t stay awake past 9pm anyway! So, brunch is definitely the way to go!

We were booked in at 12noon and had to be out promptly by 1:30pm. That’s how tightly booked this place is! No lingering over a cup of coffee here! There was a rather large group of us – 16 ladies from all over the US who were here for various reasons, but we were all moms and most of us knew each other through various coffee mornings.

The restaurant is dark and very snug – as in not a lot of space. So, if you have baby buggies, this would be very tight! They put us into the back of the restaurant at a long table and it was snug for those sitting against the wall in the back corner, but we weren’t complaining as there was a long queue outside in the drizzly rain! Everyone put in their orders and I was torn between the Crab Cakes eggs benedict and the Lobster hash. I decided to go with the Lobster hash since it was really something I would be unlikely to make at home since I’m the only on in the house who loves lobster. I also decided to forgo a brunch cocktail and went with a cappuccino instead since I needed the jolt of caffeine.

When our food arrived, it was all ooohs and ahhs as we all compared our breakfast plates. It was a squeeze to get all our plates in there with our cups of coffee, tea, and cocktails. My lobster hash looked amazing and tasted fantastic as well – there was a buttery garlic sauce on the potatoes that was amazing. The lobster tasted fresh and I ate every last bite (as is my speciality).

Lobster Hash, Whitefriar Grill, Dublin

Lobster Hash, Whitefriar Grill, Dublin

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