A day at home

I was sitting at the computer today with Miss Piggy on my lap. The Puppy came in for a hug and said, “I love you, Mommy!”

I said, “I DON’T love you, Puppy!” Okay. This may seem harsh, but the Puppy has been doing this to both me and Mr Puffles. He will sweetly say, “I love you” and then follow quickly with an “I DON’T love you!”

So, I thought I would see how he would react if I tried this with him.

So, I said, “I DON’T love you!”

He was startled. His eyes were big.

He said, “That’s not so good.”


He tried again with some tentativeness, “I love you, Mommy!”

I said, “Of course, I LOVE you too!”

Hugs and kisses followed.

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