Back in the saddle

I’ve been a bad girl and have been gone for a long time! That’s not to say that I haven’t been busy. Busy raising three under-school-aged children and running a small business that kept getting bigger and more time consuming. But, I have recently made the decision to stop accepting new clients and to refocus my time and energy back into the art and illustrations that are my true love.

My small graphic and web design business was getting pretty busy with many great referrals from my clients. But it seemed to be growing in a direction that I hadn’t intended and my time was starting to be monopolized by meetings, phone calls, answering emails, and not actually creating something. All the while pulling me away from spending time with my kids. There were too many beautiful afternoons when I had to tell them I had to work to make a deadline and there would be no trip to the park or playtime with Mommy.
I never intended for my business to grow into an ad agency and it seemed that it was moving that way. And despite hiring other designers to help out, I realized that I wanted to create things that were my own more than I wanted to run an marketing agency in my limited time. So, now I am only going to try to take on specific commission and projects.
 To cement this, I actually pulled out my sketch book out from the bottom of one of my many piles of papers and books on my desk and started working on a sketch for a client’s email promo. My children gathered around and my oldest, the Monkey, exclaimed: “Mommy! I didn’t know you could draw!” How’s that for evidence? The hard truth to support my suspicions! I had been so busy “creating” artwork for other people on a computer (very abstract for a child) that my own child of 5 years old didn’t even know that I could draw! For the last three years, I would keep him and my other children busy while I worked by giving them drawing tools and paper and even making small books for them. The Monkey would carefully illustrate a book every day. Sometimes several each day. But apparently, my children never saw me draw! Or at least in a way that they could understand!
I created their preschool brochure, illustrated countless birthday party invitations, created Temple of Doom signs, drew pupils and irises on dozens of ping pong balls. But my own kids didn’t realize that I could draw! So, here’s what I drew and worked on today just to show you that I can draw! Don’t listen to my kids!

I have so much to tell about the kids. It’s been over a year since I’ve posted and there are so many things that I’ve missed documenting! The Monkey learned how to swim today! He’s been taking his classes, but today was the first time he actually swam by himself without help! He did both a back float with kicking and a front crawl! My amazing 5 year old!

 The Puppy has started wiping his own butt! I know. Strange to document, but it came on suddenly and at first I thought he was constipated and not going. But then I noticed that there was poo and lots of toilet paper in unflushed toilets. Evidence! And then he proudly told me that he goes and wipes himself! He’s going through a tough period. I guess being 4 1/2 is frustrating.
Miss Piggy is a pistol. Two days ago, she asked me: “Mommy? Do you love me? Am I your friend? Can I have a hug and a kiss?” At 2 1/2, she is articulate and opinionated and still impossibly sweet.
So, this is me re-dedicating myself to my kids and myself. And documenting life along the way.

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