Afternoon Art Tea at the Merrion Hotel

For the past year, I have been hoping to get a chance to go to the Shelbourne Hotel for Afternoon Tea after my first experience with afternoon tea last year at the Westin Hotel. When my mother-in-law visited over the Easter holidays, I was really hoping we’d be able to get away and treat ourselves for an Afternoon Tea for a late Irish Mother’s Day gift to ourselves. But it was not to be.

So, when the American Women’s Club of Dublin made plans to host another charity Afternoon Tea at the Merrion Hotel, I signed up straight away! I really wish I had gone the first year I had joined the club when it was hosted at the Shelbourne, but I didn’t even know what an afternoon tea was at that point and it seemed crazy to spend €50 for tea!

The Merrion Hotel is a beautiful hotel built in the 1760s comprised of four beautifully maintained Georgian houses. When you walk past the hotel, it’s actually not particularly clear that it’s hotel because it just looks like a large block of brick homes and the stately steps and doors. Perhaps the only giveaway at what is behind the doors is the man in a top hat and overcoat with tails standing at the front of the building.

Once inside, the drawing rooms are lovely. I had been inside before – having a late night drink with a friend. For the AWCD charity event, we were situated in an lovely room to the back of the drawing rooms.


We used a separate entrance that opened up into a marbled entry room. Once again, Sophie Hunter Millinery had generously donated the use of her headpieces for our event and had a beautiful display in the room for the ladies to try on pieces to wear for the event.


Sophie Hunter Millinery

Sophie Hunter Millinery

I am trying to practice with my SLR and fixed length 50mm lense. So, I spent a good deal of the time taking photos of other attendees after they chose a headpiece.

Afternoon Tea Time

When it was time for tea, we were all served with shared tiered stands containing your standard traditional tea sandwiches and sweets. The lemon curd was the. best. ever.


Shortly after bringing out the trays, the staff began to serve tea or coffee to everyone. It was all delicious!

Merrion Hotel Afternoon tea

The Art part of Our Art Tea

After we enjoyed as many sandwiches, scones, and cakes as we wanted, they removed our plates and served the special Art cakes which were lovely and inspired by works of art. Each table received a small card describing the art muse for each pastry. 
Merrion Hotel Afternoon Art Tea, art tea
Merrion hotel afternoon art tea. art tea

The Courtyard of the Merrion Hotel

After we stuffed ourselves, the club raffled off many prizes and it was a fun afternoon as many of the ladies won generous donations from local businesses. After the tea was finished and we returned our headpieces to Sophie Hunter Millinery, a friend and I popped into the gorgeous courtyard in the center of the Merrion Hotel complex. It would definitely be gorgeous for a wedding reception or something equally special.

Merrion Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Courtyard of the Merrion Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

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