Brunch with my brother at Bow Lane

When my brother was visiting a few weeks ago in February, we decided we wanted to try brunch in Dublin on the day before his girlfriend was due to arrive on the ferry. I’ve been to a few of brunch places over the last three years (Whitefriar Grill, Odessa, VCC, The Tramyard). So, we decided to give the Whitefriar Grill a try again. But unfortunately, since we only decided the day before, they were completely booked out but suggested their new location, Bow Lane, around the corner. I made our booking and we were on our way!

When we arrived at Bow Lane, we found it to be a spacious bar/lounge style restaurant. We ordered tea and coffee and our choice for breakfast. My brother ordered the Lumberjack Breakfast which had sausage, bacon, bone marrow fritter, pulled beef, fried egg, tomato, mushroom, and pancakes for €14 and I ordered the Crab Toast with mild chilli crab mayo, poached egg, brown crab emulsion, and garlic sourdough for Crab Toast, mild chilli crab mayo, poached egg, brown crab emulsion, garlic sourdough for €12.

After a short wait, during which time, a lot more people came into the restaurant, filling all the previously empty booths (I wonder if Whitefriar Grill sends their overflow here?),  our food arrived – the giant plates engulfing our tiny table. I have to say that my Crab Toast was much better than my brother’s Lumberjack Breakfast. Although it was certainly a lot of food, we both felt that we’d had better sausages pancakes at other places. The bone marrow fritter and pulled beef…just weren’t delectable. The Crab Toast was delish and really flavourful. I only managed to take this one fuzzy, sorry photo of the food!


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