Milk Delivery

I know it might seem like an indulgence, but we actually have our milk delivered to the door. We use a local service with local milk from a local farm. It’s not cheap, but milk isn’t really cheap these days anyway. Do you want to know HOW MUCH milk we consume at our house? Eh. I mean how much milk the children consume since Mr Puffles and I don’t drink the milk.
The Monkey, the Puppy, and Miss Piggy drink 4 GALLONS of milk per week. Yes, folks. That’s right. FOUR GALLONS. Admittedly, we don’t keep juice in the house and they drink a lot of water during the summer. But, my children drink that much milk weekly. That’s why we started having it delivered. We were perpetually running to the grocery store or gas station just to get milk. And those quick trips often led to other unnecessary purchases.

When our milk arrives on Thursday morning, our lovely driver drops off 8 red and white cartons of Smith Brothers Farm milk and any other extras I might request (they offer eggs, butter, yogurt, and many other dairy products). What is REALLY scary is that sometimes, we still run out of milk by the end of the week if we have guests who drink some of the milk or if I bring a carton over to my mom’s house for the kids to use. We literally pour the last drop of milk into a cup on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Then, we anxiously wait for the milkman to arrive.

Maybe we should invest in a cow.

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  1. You should raise chickens in the backyard. My friend jason does it and he says its easy and the eggs are delicious

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