Life with four

It has been a while since I’ve posted. Life has definitely changed. The biggest change has been that I’ve had another baby! I’ve officially become a member of the group of mothers of four or more. No. There is actually a group for mothers of four or more! It’s like a support group for mothers of multiples. I’ve actually loved reading the blogs of moms of four or more and reading about their tip and insights. It is definitely a different group of moms . I guess by the time you’ve reached four or more kids, you’ve established your identity as a mom and have definitely formed a strong framework or your parenting style as compared to a newer mom of one or two who might still be working things out and experimenting with different ideas and techniques.

Now, with four of my own, I have become obsessed with organization and increasing efficiency whether is to make mornings and getting four kids out the door for school or more efficiently preparing meals for a large family on busy school nights. I’m am so impressed when I read about moms or 6 or 8 because I imagined that their lives must be carefully orchestrated if they wanted to accomplish even the most simplest of tasks (like grocery shopping or getting everyone ready for bed or church) just because of the sheer number of people involved.

But then I realize that when you have that many kids, you probably just are a much more relaxed parent than when you are learning how to parent with your first. In my own experiences, I’ve learned to not be so anxious about trying to use flash cards with my two year old or obsessing with the cleanliness at public parks. Simcha Fisher, a mother of nine, explains in a wonderful way how some things just become more easy and simple as your family grows.

Now, my last baby is turning four months in a couple of days. She is at that cherubic age of coos and sweet smiles and chubby legs. Each day flies by and and I am enjoying life as a mom of four. I am taking a break from my design business but hope to work on some illustrations and retail designs as time permit. I’m just enjoying each day with my babies and am grateful that my husband works so hard so that I can stay home.

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